Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Bùi Lê Minh Trang and you can call me either Trang or Grace. I come from Vietnam and am currently an international student at University of Wollongong, Australia. I am doing a double degree program, Bachelor of Communication and Media – Bachelor of International Studies. This blog was initially set for the Communication and Media Studies, which is as known as BCM course.

Regarding the names of my blog, as you could notice, I use both English and Vietnamese. For the URL link, I use the Vietnamese phrase “bonglantrungmuoi” – which includes all of the first letters of my full name (the order is mostly correct, except for the “trung” and “muoi”). It is a type of popular cake in my country – salted egg yolks. It originated from my working part-time at an online English program in Vietnam, where people must use their name-codes – a combination of our first name with first letters of the rest. My code name was “trangblm”, which sounds like “bông lan trứng muối”, so my team leader called me so. The English – Page – also derives from my name, as “trang” also means page in Vietnamese and I think it is something very me.

As I have mentioned above, this blog serves mainly for the BCM course, so most of the posts I write would be around that topic. I also share my views about other things. You are more than welcome to discuss anything with me, whether you feel comfortable with public comments or private messages via social networkings (facebook and  twitter) and email (lmtb852@uowmail.edu.au). also put these contacts on the sidebar of my blog so you can navigate easily.

Thank you for reading this and visiting this small corner of mine. I hope you have an enjoyable time reading my posts.

Best regards,