Desperate to concentrate: anything but Facebook

Social media concentration
Image: Social Media Addiction by Furkan Söler

I express much less things online now compared to the very first days I started using Facebook. It has been ages since the last time I wrote something on my wall; and if there is one, it must be just the caption of a photo I took with some friends that I might upload to make my Facebook page looks less like a clone account. But that does not mean I do not use Facebook very often. Indeed, I make less content, yet spend no less time than before on Facebook.

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BCM212 Opinion Piece: Most university students are often half-prepared for tutorials

(Note: All of my works related to this project have been uploaded online. You can easily navigate these posts here for more details on progress and my portfolio.)

Image: Public Domain Dedication, rebeccadevitt0.

 In a research study conducted at a regional university of New South Wales, majority students participated in the research stated that they usually prepare for tutorial. The students who participated in the research are enrolling in a bachelor degree of communication and media, in which subjects often (BCM) do not test students knowledge in class in terms of their preparation. This finding contradicts to what most people think about students’ preparation – that the corridors of academia often abound with university lamenting the lack of preparation by many students. 40% of the students filling out the survey are found to frequently prepare and only 10% said never. However, many educators believe that it is not just frequency of preparation or the amount of time students spend studying, but how they actually spend this time.

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