When Trump is Megamind


The glory which is built upon a lie soon becomes a most unpleasant incumbrance. … How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” – Mark Twain


Comparing the risk of discussing media in a Communism nation like Viet Nam to Trump’s tactics on American press, I think the scenario of one day Donald Trump insulting me on Twitter due to this post has a lower rate than facing the troubles I might have for the latter option.

Now you know Trump’s good at both things that others can’t be: fooling people and telling them they’ve been fooled! Admit it, he’s more awesome at this game than you expect, don’t you think?


Of all countries, media in the US seems to be the most liberal and democrat, or that’s what people say that makes the media here so popular to the world. I’m sure that most people living on this planet have heard of at least one radio or newspaper of America, such as CNN or NYtimes, or else you must have no media platforms to access.

Now Trump is on the throne of the USA. Under his dynasty, does the press in America have the freedom of speech? Honestly, though I don’t study American history, I feel like the US’s news has never been this “liberal” like ever before. Just look at CIA’s attempt few decades ago, bribing and threatening editorial offices to broadcast news to serve the authority’s manipulation citizens.




So does that mean Trump’s administration stops shaping citizens’ views? Of course not. After time, the old back- seat trick CIA used has become too commonplace and “sweat”. Trump’s method is effortlessly active and more effective, by not controlling media at all. By saying so, he creates a parallel universe of disinformation full of distortion and dependence on decision-making, where the authenticity of the news doesn’t matter anymore but the news itself.  It’s an unexpected smart move from whom looks like a sugar daddy rather than a politician to play the card “gaslighting” splendidly, which makes people disbelieve everything and believe anything he produces as if he was Hermes delivering news to gods. It’s ironic that it sounds so right you shouldn’t believe the media 100% but it’s not so wrong to believe the words of  a man-of-no-honor without any evidence.



Like most people, I don’t completely trust the sources I find. I try my best to gather information from different sources which provide convincing proof to readers, though I know they are somehow influenced by less or more. I don’t too expect the uninfluenced, but to avoid it as much as possible to be mind-independent. It’s better to explore on your own and be cautious rather than believing immediately anything at first sight (unlike this girl).





*Note: Well, about the title, I guess it can inspire the name of the next published book in 4 years by Trump “My days in White House: How to govern America via Twitter? (tactics you just need to learn in 1 day to succeed)” :3

Btw, I hope 1 day Trump calls my name and says that I’m fake news since everything he says is wrong seems so right 🙂

Mentioning that, should I tag him in this post on Twitter? I mean he might not read but who knows anyway?

1 more thing: I changed the post after I had let my best friend read it and she said it didn’t reflect me because it lacks of salt lol. At first I was afraid my poor English might seem ridiculous if I try to be sarcastic or funny and I cared too much about fitting the word length. But well since this way makes me feel more comfortable and not many people visit my site so I don’t care. 

Published by

Trang Bùi

BCM-BINTs | Class of 2021 | UOW

2 thoughts on “When Trump is Megamind”

  1. Hello Trang,

    The Trump card is continuingly being depicted as the dislodgment of the American democracy, so I definitely agree with your argument that his administration may worsen the situation in the U.S. However, did you ever think that his reluctance to associate with the media might result in a less mandated system and actually increase freedom of expression.

    The media is always publishing stories for ratings, but they are dictated by who runs them and Trump’s popularity within the media is becoming increasingly disillusioned. I guess what I’m saying is that the media may not maintain such liberal views under the Trump administration, as he is not upheld favourably in the eyes of many U.S. media outlets.

    I do love your blog, hope to see more posts soon 🙂


    1. Hi Ash!
      Thank you for your constructive comment, I still have a long way to improve myself.
      About the freedom of expression in America, I’ve actually never thought that way so your perspective is very interesting. I admit he brings it somehow, but whether it’s appropriate in the concept of society, it’s still a big question. What I mean is, it may sound right to it own self it you don’t judge the circumstance, but when you put it in the picture it’s happening, you can see it doesn’t fit there. We have the freedom to say something but we are not free from them because we have to take responsibility for the words and how they may influence other people. Manners make we communicate with each other, but not insult. It’s a very blur and thin line between the notion “liberal” and “wild”. It may sound like we are not free since we still have limitation to words, but the true freedom I believe is to find yourself comfortable in the limit that it can’t limit you.
      I think we are not a record to say whatever we want to say, but we have sympathy and a brain to think carefully about it. It’s like when you see a chubby woman, do you think calling her “a fatty pig” is a kind of freedom of expression? Probably not.
      The case of Trump in the USA is similar. He goes to far from the freedom of speech.


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