Prisms on visuals

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Before reading further the ‘Read more’ line, what do you think of this photo?

Image doesn’t speak thousand words, it’s the way you see it that speaks for itself. Such as the image above, why don’t you try to rotate it to see it differently?

Visually, it shows 2 women with different fashion styles passing by and having opinions about each other’s outlook . The one in the bikini is white, which indicates she comes from a Western country. The other woman covers herself in the dark clothing from top to toes, which can be recognized as an hijab. This implies that she is a Muslim. They stare and have contradictory opinions about each other’s appearance

From this artwork, we can see the  distinct differences in cultures. While women in the West can wear showing-off skin clothes, women who follow Muslimism are obligated to dress as their religion requires. These opposite features in cultures illustrate a world of diversity in customs in the today concept of globalization, since the 2 women shown in the picture walk by each other. Besides, the image reveals the concern of people about “exotic” influence. When something is too new or too different, it is a natural instinct for people to resist and misunderstand it.

If we look at it another way, it can be seen that people often judge each other at first glance. The second sentence springing up in their mind are the same, which shows that most people reach a premature conclusion based on others’ appearance. These are the prejudices and stereotypes we form every day like building walls preventing us from understanding each other. This might lead to a society of ignorance and lack of sympathy.

Another connotation for this is it somehow suggests one of the biggest confrontations of our era: Islam versus Western countries. The West is at a fierce battle with the rise of terrorism from Islamic world. The underlying reason for this is the clash of cultures, or more specific to say in this case, it is the the conflict of religions which have always occurred throughout the evolution of mankind that creates a chaos like we witness today.

I believe the artist of this art just tries to convey the differences among cultures to us. Every culture has its own striking features, which might be opposite to some others and we should respect that. If you find another aspect of the drawing, you’re welcome to express it.

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Trang Bùi

BCM-BINTs | Class of 2021 | UOW

2 thoughts on “Prisms on visuals”

  1. hi Trang,
    I’ve read your blog and I think your perspectives are very impressive. To me, i can only see on connotation which is the differences between cultures and religions. And I also believe that an individual judgement, whether it is a first impression or not, significantly reflects their cultures as well as religions, especially their first impression towards what they see actually. yes different cultures do create chaos and conflicts but without such differences the world will lose its beauty as diverse, colorful but still well put together don’t you think? and we would rather get to know about the differences rather than judging them based on the scale of your culture.
    about your writing, i think you’re on the right track, it’s simple but concise and not overdone at all, you should find some aussie peers and ask them to have a look at your work and to see if there’s any better and more suitable way to express your idea.
    I hope you find this comment helpful.
    Thi Hoang

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